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Senior Learners, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, provides educational opportunities to seniors aged 50 and over. Our courses cover a broad range of academic interests, including Health, Science & Technology, The Arts, History, and Languages. Since the pandemic, most courses are delivered online; however, a few are now offered as hybrid or classroom-only formats. The classroom courses are held in Room 107, Building 20, College of Central Florida.

If you would like to participate in a Senior Learners course, you must register and pay for the class. Click the name of the class in the list below to get a description, register, and pay. If there are not enough registrations for the in-person classes, they will be converted to online and those affected will be notified. We recommend that all Senior Learners students, whether vaccinated or not, wear masks while in the classroom.

Once your payment is received you will receive a confirmation email with instructions for connecting to the online class. Payments can be made online or by check.  If paying by check, download a registration form and send it and your check to Senior Learners, Inc., 3001 SW College Rd, PMB No. 210, Ocala FL 34474-4415.

If you have any questions or do not get the link to join the online class, please contact or call (352) 239–8780.

Senior Learners Courses for 2024-Spring Term

Title Starts On Weeks At Hours Fee Instructor
Medicare Basics - SHINE Tue4/30110:002 FREEYoung
Science Surprises Spring 4 Wed5/111:301.5 $3.75Pealer
FREE Summer 2024 kickoff party Fri5/311:302 FREEPealer

Senior Learners Courses for 2024-Summer Term

Title Starts On Weeks At Hours Fee Instructor
Sex in Middle Ages Mon5/13610:002 $30.00Bunker
Water Color in Nature Wed5/2261:302 $30.00Craggs
Understanding Disorders of the Brain 2 Tue6/4410:301.5 $15.00Putzeys
Historical Jesus 2 Tue6/441:301.5 $15.00Team
The Many Hidden Worlds of Quantum Mechanics 2 Thu6/641:301.5 $15.00Holloran
Wonders of State Parks in the South Wed6/12310:301.5 $11.25Pealer
Understanding Investments - Sampler Thu6/13110:301.5 $3.75Reilly
For Love of Film: Oppenheimer Mon6/1721:003 $10.00Smith
Introduction to Genealogy - Sampler Thu6/20110:301.5 $3.75Reilly
The Medieval Legacy 1 Fri6/21410:301.5 $15.00Hautanen
Climate Change – Search for Understanding Thu6/27110:301.5 $3.75Reilly
Notorious London - A City Tour 1 Mon7/8610:301.5 $22.50Kelly
For Love of Film: Ensemble Casts Mon7/851:003 $25.00Smith
Workshop to Develop New Courses for Pre- and Recent-Retirees Tue7/951:302 FREEHautanen
Modern Times 13 Wed7/10410:301.5 $15.00Stephens
Science Surprises Summer III Wed7/1011:301.5 $3.75Pealer
The Science Behind It: Music, Math, and the Brain Fri7/1231:302 $15.00Satterfield
The Secret Life of Words III Tue7/16610:301.5 $22.50Howard
SLI 10th Anniversary Celebration Wed7/17112:001.5 $10.00Pealer
American Foreign Policy Thu7/18410:301.5 $15.00Reilly
Historical Jesus 3 Wed7/2441:301.5 $15.00Team
The Medieval Legacy 2 Fri7/26410:301.5 $15.00Hautanen
Science Surprises Summer IV Fri8/211:301.5 $3.75Pealer
Wonders of State Parks in the Middle America Wed8/7310:301.5 $11.25Pealer
Charlemagne: Father of Europe 1 Thu8/831:302 $15.00Holloran
For Love of Film: The Art of Animation Mon8/1221:003 $10.00Smith
Talk About Books Tue8/1311:301.5 $3.75Berra
What is Digital Currency? - Sampler Thu8/15110:301.5 $3.75Reilly
Free 2024 Fall Term Kickoff and Senior Learners, Inc. Annual Meeting Fri8/1611:301.5 FREEPealer
The Secret History of Home Economics Thu8/22110:301.5 $3.75Hume