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Who We Are

Since September 2014 Senior Learners, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization run by volunteers, has provided educational opportunities to seniors 50 years old or more. Before the current pandemic, we offered our noncredit, college-level courses in a classroom at the Ocala Campus of the College of Central Florida. Until the pandemic is tamed, we have shifted to online courses covering a broad range of academic interests, including Health, Science & Technology, The Arts, History, and Languages. Our outstanding instructors come from a wide range of backgrounds and include current and retired artists, musicians, teachers, professors, doctors, engineers, and scientists. Learn about our instructors.

Participating in Online Classes

All Senior Learners Summer Term courses are online via Zoom. To participate in online classes, you must register – click on the name of the class in the list below to get a description and sign up. Details for connecting to the online class will be in your registration confirmation email after your payment has been received. So be sure to register and pay early. If you have any questions, or do not get the link to join your Zoom class, send an email to or call (352) 239–8780. If you prefer to pay by check, send your check, payable to Senior Learners, to Senior Learners, Inc., 3001 SW College Rd, PMB No. 210, Ocala FL 34474-4415.

Participating in In-Person Classes

On August 16, 2021 CF is resuming in-person courses. Some Senior Learners Fall Term courses will be in our new classroom (Room 107 in Building 20). Based on current recommendations by the CDC, Senior Learners strongly recommends that all students (vaccinated or not) wear masks while in the classroom.

Online Classes for Summer Term 2021

Title Starts On Weeks At Hours Fee Instructor
Customs of the World: Using Cultural Intelligence to Adapt, Wherever You Are 2 Mon8/2410:301.5 $15.00Bunker
Touring Northern Ireland and the Irish Among Us Thu8/5410:301.5 $15.00Kelly
History of Baseball 3 Fri8/631:301.5 $11.25Hautanen

Online Classes for Fall Term 2021

Title Starts On Weeks At Hours Fee Instructor
For Love of Film: The Best Movies of 2020 Mon8/3041:003 $20.00Smith
The US in the Pacific/Southeast Asia Region Mon8/30110:002 $5.00DiPiero
Science Biographies: Oliver Sacks Tue8/31110:001.5 $3.75Pealer
Crimes of the Century A Selective History of Infamy - 1 Tue8/3141:301.5 $15.00Bunker
Armchair Travel: Explore the Northwest on Two Rivers Wed9/1210:002 $10.00Kelly
Armchair Travel: Greece and Turkey 1 Thu9/2210:001.5 $7.50Kelly
Drawing and Painting Part 1 Thu9/241:002 $20.00Thomas
Unification of Germany and Italy and the Age of Bismarck Fri9/341:301.5 $15.00Hautanen
World War II - 1944 Fri9/3810:002 $40.00Holloran
Science Surprises Tue9/7110:301.5 $3.75Pealer
Tour of Mayan Peninsula Wed9/841:301.5 $15.00Hautanen
Introduction to Japanese Culture Mon9/13410:301.5 $15.00Howard
For the Love of Plants 3 Tue9/14410:001.5 $15.00Pealer
Artificial Intelligence Wed9/15410:002 $20.00Stephens
Major Technology Advancements Before World War II Thu9/16210:002 $10.00Holloran
History Through the Lens - Photography In the Modern World Tue9/2841:301.5 $15.00Holloran J
Armchair Travel: Tour of Greece and Turkey 2 Thu9/30510:001.5 $18.75Kelly
Drawing and Painting Part 2 Thu9/3041:002 $20.00Thomas
The Usage of Music During COVID-19 Fri10/111:302 $5.00Satterfield
Introduction to Buddhism Mon10/411:302 $5.00Hunt
Watercolor in Nature - Floral Images 2 Wed10/661:302 $30.00Craggs
New European Imperialism Leads to the Europe In Crisis in 1914 Fri10/861:301.5 $22.50Hautanen
For Love of Film: Michael Douglas Film Festival Mon10/1151:003 $25.00Smith
Putin & Russia Under Putin Mon10/11110:002 $5.00DiPiero
Collectibles - Turning Pleasure and Passion into Profit Wed10/13210:002 $10.00Boraiko
Hemingway-The Man and His Art II Mon10/18410:301.5 $15.00Hull
Learn About Cats! Tue10/19110:301.5 $3.75Goulet
Armchair Travel: Italy and Beyond Tue10/26110:002 $5.00Kelly
Crimes of the Century A Selective History of Infamy - 2 Tue10/2631:301.5 $11.25Bunker
Creation of the American Century: 1900-1950 Wed10/27410:301.5 $15.00Coffey
Drawing and Painting Wrap-Up Thu10/2821:002 $10.00Thomas
World War II - 1945 to VE Day and Okinawa Fri10/29710:002 $35.00Holloran
Armchair Travel: Romania, Dracula, and Beyond Tue11/2110:002 $5.00Kelly
Armchair Travel with Evelyn: Tour of Greece and Turkey - 3 Thu11/4510:301.5 $18.75Kelly
Science Surprises Tue11/9110:301.5 $3.75Pealer
For Love of Film: Mystical Movies Mon11/1531:003 $15.00Smith
Understanding Routine Diagnostic Medical Tests Mon11/15410:301.5 $15.00Putzeys
Tao Mahjongg is different-and I think easier and MORE fun! Tue11/1621:302 $10.00Sherwood
Science Biographies: Richard Feynman Tue11/16110:001.5 $3.75Pealer
World War II from the Japanese Perspective Wed11/1741:301.5 $15.00Howard
Major Technology Advancements During World War II Thu11/1841:301.5 $15.00Holloran
Seasonal Favorites: The History Behind Our Favorite Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah Songs Fri11/1931:302 $15.00Satterfield