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Health and Better Living

TitleInstructor FirstWeeks StartsEndsFee
An Introduction to Infectious Diseases IPutzeys Mon, 10/12/20 510:30 AM11:30 AM $12.50
This first course in a series is by Dr. Roberto Putzeys, a retired radiation oncologist. In this course and the second in the series, Dr. Putzeys will be supplementing the lectures of Professor Barry Fox, M.D., in The Great Courses: An Introduction to Infectious Diseases.
An Introduction to Infectious Diseases IIPutzeys Mon, 11/16/20 510:30 AM11:30 AM $12.50
This second course in a series is by Dr. Roberto Putzeys, a retired radiation oncologist. In this course, Dr. Putzeys will continue supplementing the lectures of Professor Barry Fox, M.D., in The Great Courses: An Introduction to Infectious Diseases.
The Holidays Are HerePatterson Wed, 11/18/20 410:30 AM12:00 PM $15.00
Let us enjoy the holidays together. Special seasons of the year mean we celebrate family, friends, fun, and food. During this class, we will learn about each other’s traditions, plan a party, create wonderful holiday menus, have a virtual cookie exchange, remember special music, work on creating meaningful gifts and identify ways to share seasonal kindness with our less fortunate Ocala neighbors.
Dealing with Stress & Anxiety During COVIDLossada Tue, 12/15/20 19:00 AM11:00 AM $5.00
Join Dr. Mery Lossada, Chief Medical Officer at Hospice of Marion County, for this timely topic about how we are all impacted by the coronavirus during these very challenging times. Learn about ways to deal with the stress and anxiety and find new methods of coping. We have all felt loss in some form or fashion during the pandemic. Experiencing loss is especially difficult during the holidays .

History and Geography

TitleInstructor FirstWeeks StartsEndsFee
Science Biographies - Maria MerianPealer Thu, 9/3/20 110:00 AM11:30 AM $3.75
My Science Biographies courses will describe aspects of the lives of scientists based on one biography about each that has appealed to me. This class will be about Maria Sybilla Merian based on biographies by Kim Todd and Joyce Sidman; Maria was a renown painter and naturalist who lived in the late 1600’s. Her diligent scientific study coupled with her beautiful paintings created our understanding of the metamorphosis of butterflies and moths. She led an extremely unusual life for her time.
Eurasian Steppe Nomads - The Turkish SpeakersHolloran Wed, 10/21/20 41:30 PM3:00 PM $11.25
The Turk tribes initially emerged from the Mongolian Steppes. They evolved while spreading west across the steppes, becoming ascendant and then being replaced by another. While ascendent, they impacted the sedentary civilizations to the south, frequently replacing the Iranian languages of the Middle East and Central Asia. In the process, they spread Islam to what is now Turkey, Pakistan, and India. They also had a profound effect on the development of Moslem Civilization in the Middle Ages. The European Steppe Nomads courses are based on key lectures from 65 in several of The Great Courses. These courses also include online videos and materials for home study. Attendance at all courses in the series is desirable, but new students can join any course in the series.
Winston Churchill World War IIHautanen Tue, 10/27/20 41:30 PM2:30 PM $10.00
The best known portion of Winston Churchill’s life and career is undoubtedly his stint as British prime minister during the Second World War. It is not too difficult too conclude that he was the only person who could have accomplished what he did at this crucial time of world history. We will use multiple Great Courses and other materials to examine this extraordinary period.
Greece & the Balkans - Birth of West and Battleground of EastCoffey Thu, 10/29/20 410:30 AM11:30 AM $10.00
Southeast Europe, the area known as the Balkans, has been a battleground for empires for centuries and a cauldron of civilizational clashes of East and West to the present. The Balkan area has diverse religions, cultures, languages, and geopolitics. Greece was the birthplace of democracy and progenitor of western culture. At the other extreme, the Balkans was the battleground of the violent breakup of Yugoslavia into 8 separate states. Although only a fraction of Europe's population, the Balkans have been a large part of Europe's fractures. Lectures will be presented live via Zoom and lecture notes will be emailed in advance and posted on
Winston Churchill Second Prime MinistershipHautanen Tue, 11/24/20 41:30 PM2:30 PM $10.00
Our final look at Winston Churchill will be the period after WWII. Churchill’s war time coalition government ended before Japan had even surrendered. Though no longer prime minister he became the leader of the Tory party and thus leader of the opposition. During this time he gave his famous Iron Curtain speech, and then in 1951 the Tories won a general election and WSC would serve a 2nd term as prime minister. What were the major issues this time?
Eurasian Steppe Nomads - The MongolsHolloran Wed, 12/2/20 31:30 PM3:00 PM $11.25
This course begins with Chinggis (often pronounced Genghis) Kahn successfully uniting the Mongol tribes and starting a series of conquests in the early Thirteenth Century. His sons and grandsons finished these conquests. The Mongol Empire eventually covered most of Eurasia, becoming the largest contiguous empire in history. His grandson Qubilai (often pronounced Kublai) Khan through his conquests of China founded the Yuan Dynasty that replaced the Song Dynasty. He eventually ruled a united China and 1/6 of the land area of the Earth in the late Thirteenth Century. The European Steppe Nomads courses are based on key lectures from 65 in several of The Great Courses. These courses also include online videos and materials for home study. Attendance at all courses in the series is desirable, but, new students can join any course in the series.
Understanding the Best Countries of the WorldCoffey Thu, 12/3/20 310:30 AM11:30 AM $7.50
There are some 200 countries in our modern world of diverse geographies, politics, economics, cultures, and geopolitical influence. But an elite few standout for the past several decades as consistently serving their citizens in a superior way. While it is true that the world is dynamic and the best countries today may not necessarily remain on top forever, nevertheless there are three groups of advanced countries which are widely recognized as among the best. These three groups are scattered on 4 different continents, relatively small in population ( 5 to 50 million), though not necessarily in area and none is considered a world power. These three groups are Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland), the Asian Tigers (Hong Kong, S Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore) and the British offshoots (Canada, Australia, and New Zealand). This zoom class will focus one class on each of these groups and explore why they are considered among the best and compare and contrast their secrets to success. Lectures will be presented live via Zoom with time reserved for discussion. Presentations will be emailed in advance and posted on

Literature and Language

TitleInstructor FirstWeeks StartsEndsFee
Language Families of AsiaHolloran Fri, 10/2/20 510:30 AM12:00 PM $18.75
This course explores the language families of Asia. In it, we will follow Eurasian Steppe Nomads as they spread several of these language families across Eurasia. The course is based on lectures by Professor John McWhorter from his The Great Courses Language Families of the World. We will supplement his lectures with information from other sources.

Science and Technology

TitleInstructor FirstWeeks StartsEndsFee
Science SurprisesPealer Tue, 10/27/20 110:00 AM11:00 AM $2.50
For biology enthusiasts, this monthly class will be whatever videos, articles, websites I have found interesting. It is sort of an in-person blog instead of an online blog!
Tech TopicsDavis Tue, 11/3/20 110:00 AM11:30 AM $3.75
Tech Topics may include short presentations about hardware and software, tutorials, and Zoom tips. It is like meeting in a coffee house. Come to talk about your computer problems. You may get answers, you may not! Ah well, that is life.
Language and the MindHolloran Fri, 11/6/20 510:00 AM11:30 AM $18.75
Modern technology has permitted new insights into how the mind processes language. Furthermore, we now know much more about why children easily learn even the most complex of native languages. We also know why many adults find learning a language very difficult. This course uses lectures from one of The Great Courses of the same name by Professor Spencer Kelly of Colgate University, supplemented with other online resources.
Mac 103: Organization and ProductivityDavis Tue, 11/10/20 110:00 AM11:30 AM $3.75
Ready to learn how to get more from your Mac? Mac 103 will give you tips to help you organize your Mac and will introduce you to the productivity apps included in all computers. Learn how to find and remove clutter and how to use utilities to improve the performance of your computer. Learn how to use Notes as a Personal Knowledge Library. Get introduced to Pages, Numbers, and Keynote and see examples of how they can help you with various chores. Class participants will get links to useful resources and there will be ample time for questions and discussion.
Leonardo da Vinci and the Italian High Renaissance IIPealer Tue, 11/17/20 310:30 AM12:00 PM $11.25
/"Leonardo da Vinci is the one of the most recognized figures in history…/" This course completes his life and works as well as the context in which he lived, 1452-1519, known as the High Renaissance. This was a time of intellectual advancement, geographic exploration during which there was much political instability and intrigue. It is based in part on lectures from one of The Great Courses: Leonardo da Vinci and the Italian High Renaissance by Professor George Bent from Washington and Lee University.
Experiencing Hubble: Exploring the Milky WayCheney Fri, 11/20/20 31:30 PM3:00 PM $11.25
Dr. Jerry Cheney is the President of the Alachua Astronomy Club. He will bring you an inside look at the Milky Way through the big eye of the Hubble Space Telescope. He will be supplementing lectures by Professor David Meyer for The Great Courses: Experiencing Hubble - Exploring the Milky Way.
Mac 104: Maintenance and MoreDavis Tue, 12/8/20 110:00 AM11:30 AM $3.75
There comes a time in the life of every computer when problems strike. Mac 104 will give you tips on avoiding problems and how to fix them when they occur. You will learn how to back up your files, maintain your computer for best performance, and fix problems. Class participants will get links to useful resources and there will be ample time for questions and discussion.

Special Event

TitleInstructor FirstWeeks StartsEndsFee
Saint Augustine and the Nights of Lights FestivalKelly Mon, 12/14/20 11:30 PM2:30 PM $2.50
Saint Augustine has been billed as the oldest city in the United States. It also has one of the most spectacular shows of holiday lights. Called the Night of Lights, the display begins the Saturday before Thanksgiving and ends the first of February. Locals say the time to go is very early at the first or in January. Tourists from many countries come to see the lights; it is well-publicized in travel brochures. We will also visit some of the spectacular old places that also are decorated - the Lightner Museum, Flagler College, and their famous haunted cemeteries. Saint Augustine is said to be the most haunted place in the United States, with ghosts of Native Americans, Spanish settlers, Englishmen, Pirates, and even some modern ghosts of Henry Flagler. Visiting the old fort is a must. This might be a place you would like to go and take those visiting relatives with you.

the Arts

TitleInstructor FirstWeeks StartsEndsFee
Watercolor Still LifeCraggs Wed, 9/30/20 610:00 AM12:00 PM $30.00
We will learn to use the four basic principles of color effectively. These are hue, value,intensity and temperature. Learning to use these principles effectively will achieve greater expression in our painting experience.
How to View and Appreciate Great Movies IIISullivan Mon, 10/5/20 41:30 PM3:00 PM $15.00
Are you interested in viewing movies with a more critical eye? Professor Eric Williams of Ohio University has prepared a series of lectures for the Great Courses, which we will be watching together online. This course is the third in a series of three. Its lectures focus on idea of character, including leading and secondary character development.
The Craft of Drawing Color and LightThomas Thu, 10/29/20 41:00 PM3:00 PM $20.00
The Craft of Drawing Color and Light is our final session in the series. You will work to develop your personal paint palette, mixing color for a specific composition that gives accurate and compelling expressions of your individual color style. Materials: Acrylic paint primary and secondary colors (yellow, green, blue, violet, red and orange), small flat and round brush; any heavy weight paper for wet mediums (acrylic, water color, illustration board…). Note: We will be working in a 6 x 6 or 6 x 8 format size, in order to get through the exercises in the allotted time.
The American Journey: Pioneering American Artists and MusiciansSatterfield Fri, 10/30/20 31:30 PM3:30 PM $15.00
This course will explore visionary Americans who created masterworks in art and music during the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the lives of pioneering figures that helped shape our country’s musical landscape, as well as look at examples of their art and listen to recordings or their music.
For Love of Film: PotpourriSmith Mon, 11/9/20 41:00 PM2:00 PM $10.00
Join us for For Love Of Film: Potpourri. Based on the book club model, the assigned movies will be discussed using prepared questions at the beginning of each class. The next film will be introduced at the end of the hour followed by a film short. I will be selecting well reviewed movies that are free to Amazon Prime members. You will need to provide your own popcorn and brownies for the class. See you at the movies!

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