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Online Course Catalog for 2021-Summer Term

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Health and Better Living

TitleInstructor FirstWeeks StartsEndsFee
Logic Puzzles and other Brain Teasers - OnlineHautanen Wed, 6/30/21 610:30 AM12:00 PM $22.50
Another bit of lighthearted fun for the summer. Challenge your brain powers with a discussion of logic puzzles and other mind benders. The course will use video lectures from a Great Courses series Mathematical Brain Teasers and Logic Puzzles, taught by Professor Jason Rosenhouse. The instructor, a retired electrical and computer engineer, will include samples he actually used to test candidates in interviews. We will also see some TED talks and other similar interesting lectures from the internet. Can you think outside the box?
Summertime and the Cooking is Easy - OnlinePatterson Mon, 7/12/21 310:30 AM12:00 PM $11.25
Summer is here. Keep cooking simple and keep the kitchen cool. This course includes plans for seasonal cooking, simple techniques for tasty and nutrient-rich meals, and strategies to cook once, eat twice, and then repurpose the left-overs for a third meal. Learn to prepare soups and a variety of entrees to warm-up or eat chilled. Explore a variety of ingredients to use in more than one recipe.
Customs of the World: Using Cultural Intelligence to Adapt, Wherever You Are 2 - OnlineBunker Mon, 8/2/21 410:30 AM12:00 PM $15.00
Avoid costly mistakes when traveling abroad. This course is the second in a series of two courses based on one of The Great Courses. It should help anyone, traveling as a tourist or business person, to navigate other cultures. It is important to understand how people in other cultures live, so your traveling experience would be gratifying at the same time avoiding common mistakes. Learn how to mingle so you do not look like sore-thumb. Again your input from past experiences are most welcome.
History of Baseball 3 - OnlineHautanen Fri, 8/6/21 31:30 PM3:00 PM $11.25
Let us take a fun look at the history of the US national pastime. This course, the third in a series of 3 courses, will use video lectures from a Great Courses series Play Ball! The Rise of Baseball as America's Pastime with Instructor Bruce Markusen, plus other fun videos. Also we will have lots of discussion about the current state of the game and our favorite teams too.

History and Geography

TitleInstructor FirstWeeks StartsEndsFee
Tour of England 3 - OnlineKelly Thu, 7/8/21 410:30 AM12:00 PM $15.00
Come with me for another great tour - this time to England. We will visit places and areas deserving your attention, taking in some details of their history and anecdotes about people we might have heard of but really did not know. Certain themes are sustained throughout the course. One is the development of political stability, as a constitutional monarchy displaced the absolute monarchy of the Tudors and early Stuarts in the revolutions of the 17th century. A second theme is the diversity of regional characteristics, which are reflected in strong local accents and an intense loyalty to particular localities. A third theme is the influence of powerful personalities, such as Queen Victoria and Winston Churchill. We will also look at modern England. This course is in the same vane as the tour of France. I do hope to do others- such as a tour of Spain, tour of Italy, and maybe even Russia.
World War II - Our First Two Years - OnlineHolloran Fri, 7/9/21 810:30 AM12:00 PM $30.00
This course is the third course in a planned series of 4 courses. It starts with the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 and ends on December 31, 1943. That attack led to the declaration of war against Japan. The German declaration of war on the US brought the United States into the conflict on the side of Great Britain and the Commonwealth nations. During the next six months Japan and Germany achieved their maximum penetration in the Soviet Union and the Pacific. Then the Allies gradually regained the offensive and started retaking lost territory. More information about the series is at:
Touring Northern Ireland and the Irish Among Us - OnlineKelly Thu, 8/5/21 410:30 AM12:00 PM $15.00
After touring the Republic of Ireland, we are going to look at the other Ireland - called Northern Ireland. This part of the country has recently opened up for tourism after so many years of conflict and struggle. Basically, two provinces in the north of the island, Northern Ireland (capital Belfast) has a beautiful countryside and intriguing history. I will tell you the story of how King James I wanted to get rid of pesky Scots and others who did not agree with him and sent them to a forlorn part of Ireland - which no one wanted. These people were eager and industrious, and many of them became the foundation of America in the colonial and revolutionary period. We will also look at some of the cultural giants - W.B. Yeats and James Joyce - some Irish music and traditions.

Literature and Language

TitleInstructor FirstWeeks StartsEndsFee
Shakespeare: How to Read and Understand 3 - OnlineKelly Tue, 7/13/21 310:30 AM12:00 PM $11.25
The Ocala Civic Theatre recently presented a play- I Hate Hamlet. It was a comedy. Maybe you feel the same way about Shakespeare in general or remember the days when, in order to understand what was going on, you had to use Lamb’s Simple Version or Cliff Notes. The fact is that although the world honors and encourages us to read Shakespeare, his plays are difficult, demanding, and even strange. This course seeks to make Shakespeare understandable to the general reader. It starts with a simple premise: Shakespeare actually teaches us how to understand his plays. He gives us clues and tools at every step of the way that can help us unlock the mysteries of his art. Come with me to explore this new approach presented by an excellent Great Course instructor, whose aim is to help you read and understand Shakespeare. We will gather the tools for understanding comedy, tragedy, and the history plays. I will supplement the classes with my experiences at Stratford-on-Avon and my own research into the bard.
The Great American Read 4 - OnlineSullivan Thu, 8/26/21 11:30 PM3:00 PM $3.75
This course continues with our survey of books selected from the PBS national survey, The Great American Read. The selection will have been picked at the previous session of the course and will be posted online as it becomes available.

Science and Technology

TitleInstructor FirstWeeks StartsEndsFee
For the Love of Plants 2 - OnlinePealer Tue, 7/27/21 41:30 PM3:00 PM $15.00
This course is a continuation of the Botany class but it is not necessary to have taken the first class to enjoy learning about different types of plants - mosses, ferns, gymnosperms and angiosperms. There will be no class on 8/3/21.

Special Event

TitleInstructor FirstWeeks StartsEndsFee
FREE Fall Term Kickoff and Senior Learners, Inc., Annual Meeting - OnlineHautanen Fri, 8/27/21 11:30 PM3:00 PM $0.00
The 2020-21 Fiscal Year for Senior Learners, Inc., ends on August 31, 2021. Under our Bylaws we must hold an annual meeting once a year to elect the Board for the next Fiscal Year. As a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic, our Annual Meeting this year may need to be held online using Zoom. After the short Board Meeting the Fall Term instructors will introduce themselves and their courses.

the Arts

TitleInstructor FirstWeeks StartsEndsFee
For Love of Film: Potpourri 2 - OnlineSmith Mon, 7/12/21 31:00 PM2:00 PM $7.50
Join us for For Love Of Film: Potpourri. Based on the book club model, the assigned movies will be discussed using prepared questions at the beginning of each class. The next film will be introduced at the end of the hour followed by a film short. I will be selecting well reviewed movies that are free to Amazon Prime members. You will need to provide your own popcorn and brownies for the class. See you at the movies!
Shiver Me Timbers: Sea Chanteys, Prison Songs, and Work Songs, Oh My! - OnlineSatterfield Fri, 7/16/21 31:30 PM3:30 PM $15.00
This course will examine the stories behind popular sea chanteys, prison songs, and worksongs known in America and abroad. Participants will have the opportunity to learn how these catchy melodies became a part of our folk music culture.
Nature in Watercolor: Floral Images - OnlineCraggs Wed, 7/28/21 61:30 PM3:30 PM $30.00
We will explore basic techniques used by professional Botanical Illustrators to paint some of our favorite flowers. The lessons will be organized with specific written instructions and line drawings printed on watercolor paper. This material will be mailed in packets to registered participants at least ten days before our classes begin. If a participant is late registering, I can hand deliver the packets here in Ocala.
The Craft of Acrylics Painting Skills Building - OnlineThomas Thu, 7/29/21 41:30 PM3:30 PM $20.00
Welcome to The Craft of Acrylics Painting Skills Building Sessions. In keeping with methods and techniques to help improve your drawing and painting skills, the practice exercises are developed to highlight and explore specific techniques used to apply acrylic paint as a wash, glazing to create color variation and tonal values, opaque layering and massing to paint generalized shapes using bold loose strokes to create compositions – and of course everything else.

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