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Online Course Catalog for 2020-Summer Term

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Health and Better Living

TitleInstructor FirstWeeks StartsEndsFee
Your Deceptive Mind: A Scientific Guide to Critical Thinking Skills IIIPutzeys Mon, 8/3/20 410:00 AM11:00 AM $10.00
Your Deceptive Mind: A Scientific Guide to Critical Thinking skills Discover the science of cognitive biases and critical thinking and become a savvier, sharper critical thinker in your professional and personal life. This course includes additional lectures in course from The Great Courses.
The Everyday Gourmet: Making Healthy Food Taste GreatPatterson Tue, 8/4/20 31:00 PM3:00 PM $15.00
Learn to make healthy meals that taste absolutely amazing with this short course created by the renowned Culinary Institute of America. This course focuses on cooking techniques, ingredients, and flavor. Shopping lists for ingredients are included, but the proportions will be up to you! Throughout the course, the class is encouraged to taste and experiment in their own kitchens. The goal is to become confident, competent cooks who can produce healthy, tasty and visually appealing homemade meals.
Understanding Dementia Care LeBlanc Wed, 8/19/20 12:00 PM4:00 PM $5.00
Gary Joseph LeBlanc, CDCS Dementia Communication Specialist and Author will present the A - Zs on dementia-related disease, positive ways to improve communication, how to manage dementia behaviors and provide the best standards of care.

History and Geography

TitleInstructor FirstWeeks StartsEndsFee
Understanding the modern world (quickly): Essential questions - Part IICoffey Wed, 8/5/20 410:30 AM12:00 PM $10.00
The modern world, beginning around 1900, has been shaken and shaped by geopolitical surprises such as the rise of China and 9/11 attack. Covid-19 crisis is a shocking reminder of the multiplicity of interconnections and turning points of our modern world. These four lectures are Part II four lectures, that explore essential questions about world geopolitics: Why is Middle East so anti-West? Why are emerging nations still submerged? Why is India finally rising? Will China oust America? Lectures will be presented live via Zoom with up to a half hour afterwards reserved for further discussion. Presentations will be emailed in advance and posted on

Philosophies and History of Religions

TitleInstructor FirstWeeks StartsEndsFee
Introduction to BuddhismHunt Tue, 8/25/20 110:00 AM12:00 PM $5.00
While most Westerners are familiar to varying degrees in the Abrahamic religions, relatively few are knowledgeable as to the fundamentals of Buddhism and founder, Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha. Do Buddhists regard the Buddha as Christians regard Jesus? Where was he born and what were the significant events in his life? How did the Buddha become enlightened? What are the fundamentals of Buddhist thought?

Science and Technology

TitleInstructor FirstWeeks StartsEndsFee
The Evidence for Dark Matter and EnergyHolloran Fri, 7/10/20 810:00 AM11:30 AM $30.00
Science does not know what 95% if the matter and energy in the Universe is. Only 5% is made of the atoms and electromagnetic energy we understand. 25% has been labelled Dark Matter, because all we can see is its effect of its gravity. 70% has been labelled Dark Energy because it does not have a particle nature. This course will review the evidence for Dark Matter and Energy primarily using lectures from Professor Sean Carrol in his Dark Matter, Dark Energy: The Dark Side of the Universe published by The Great Courses. Very little new has been learned about what Dark Matter and Energy are since the course was issued in 2007. So, internet sources will address the state of ongoing research.
Tech TopicsDavis Tue, 8/11/20 210:00 AM11:00 AM $5.00
Tech Topics may include short presentations about hardware and software, tutorials, and Zoom tips. It is like meeting in a coffee house. Come to talk about your computer problems. You may get answers, you may not! Ah well, that is life.

the Arts

TitleInstructor FirstWeeks StartsEndsFee
Monday Movie Club 2Smith Mon, 5/11/20 31:00 PM2:00 PM $0.00
Join us for our Monday Movie Club. Based on the book club model, the assigned movie will be discussed using prepared questions at the beginning of each class and the next film introduced at the end of the hour. I will be selecting movies that are free to Amazon Prime members, many of which are recent hits. You will need to provide your own popcorn and brownies for the class. See you at the movies!
Watercolors on a BudgetCraggs Thu, 7/23/20 610:00 AM12:00 PM $30.00
This class has a dual purpose. The first is to learn to mix your entire palette from the three primary colors of Red, Blue and Yellow. This is described as a limited palette. The second is to learn how to save money while cultivating your own passion for doing your art work. A good thing to remember is that the Old Masters painted with a limited palette. After you register and prior to the first class you will receive a supply list and other information to get you started.
How to View and Appreciate Great Movies ISullivan Mon, 8/3/20 41:00 PM2:30 PM $15.00
Are you interested in viewing movies with a more critical eye? Professor Eric Williams of Ohio University has prepared a series of lectures for the Great Courses we will be watching together online. This course is the first in a series of three. Its lectures explore storytelling and screenwriting, how genres work in the filmmaking world, how directors and screenwriters build tension and thematic ideas in their films, and how the entire production crew collaborates on a unified vision.
The Craft of Drawing - The Basic Foundation PrinciplesThomas Thu, 8/6/20 41:00 PM3:00 PM $20.00
The Drawing Foundation Session will introduce the basic principles, methods and technique to help you teach yourself to draw realistically. Each week will provide an overview of, and preliminary exercises that combine sketching and rendering in graphite pencil. The exercises are developed to establish a foundation that will allow you to expand at your own pace. You will explore the very basic concepts of line quality, shapes, tone-building, light and shade, and the use of lines to create texture. Your understanding of the materials and basic principles is the first place to start; being armed with these tools of understanding and techniques will allow you to draw anything you want. Materials: Sketch paper, or copy paper, or news print; graphite pencil or charcoal pencil – eraser optional.
France: In Search of Claude MonetKelly Wed, 8/12/20 11:30 PM2:30 PM $2.50
In 1888, Claude Monet bought a house on two acres and called it Giverny. He became passionate about nature and his style of impressionism evolved to show it. The house and gardens are now a must-see tourist destination for a visit to France. Born in Paris, but rejected by the artists of his time, he searched to find himself in many countries, including serving in the French Foreign Legion. In this presentation, we will look at his life and love of nature. He loved nature so much that he developed a floating art gallery in a boat to be able to paint nature in its own setting-not from a studio in a house.
For Love of Film: PotpourriSmith Fri, 8/21/20 11:00 PM2:00 PM $2.50
Join us for For Love Of Film: Potpourri. Based on the book club model, the assigned movies will be discussed using prepared questions at the beginning of each class. The next film will be introduced at the end of the hour followed by a film short. I will be selecting well reviewed movies that are free to Amazon Prime members. You will need to provide your own popcorn and brownies for the class. See you at the movies!
Paris: In Search of Mary CassattKelly Wed, 8/26/20 11:30 PM2:30 PM $2.50
A woman painter in 1868? No way! Mary, the daughter of a wealthy banker, enrolled in the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and was disgusted with the narrow-mindedness and nastiness of the male students and faculty. Even her own father said he would rather see her dead than become an artist. So she left her native Pennsylvania and moved to Pairs. Her first painting, The Mandolin Player, was shown in a prestigious salon and caught the eye of Edgar Degas. He influenced her into trying the new and exciting style of impressionism. Mary holds a unique place among American artists both as a female painter and impressionist.

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