SLI Course Catalog for 2020 Summer Term

Senior Learners, Inc., Online Course Catalog for 2021-Spring Term

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*"Both" courses are simultaneously online and in Room 107 of Building 20, when more than 5 students register in each.

Health and Better Living

TitleInstructor FirstWeeks StartsEndsFee
Death, Dying, & the Afterlife 1 - OnlineBunker Tue, 1/5/21 410:00 AM11:30 AM $15.00
Everyone dies, nobody is immortal. It is the one thing that we will all experience, which at the same time, may give us anxiety and many sleepless nights. If we do not think about it, we think it may not come. In an effort to better prepare us for the unavoidable, this course is the first in a series of three courses. It is based on lectures from one of the The Great Courses of the same title. The courses in the series will be complemented by some appropriate TED Talks, which may help allay our fears. The more we know about a subject, the better prepared we are to confront it. Participation is strongly encouraged by sharing personal experiences of a beloved departed friend or family member and how it has impacted our lives.

Literature and Language

TitleInstructor FirstWeeks StartsEndsFee
The Great American Read: 1984 - OnlineSullivan Fri, 5/7/21 11:30 PM3:00 PM $3.75
It is considered one of the best dystopian/science fiction novels of all time and it ranked sixth on the PBS Great American Read list. Many of the situations we encounter in our daily lives were foreshawdowed by Orwell and he would recognize them. This book provides a foundation for a discussion about the rights and responsibilities of governments around the globe. As with many of the books on this list, a movie is available for your viewing. You are encouraged to do as much or as little research on the novels/authors as you wish and to bring what you learn to our class. The class size is limited to 12 to allow participation by all its members.

the Arts

TitleInstructor FirstWeeks StartsEndsFee
For Love of Film: Potpourri - OnlineSmith Mon, 1/4/21 31:00 PM2:00 PM $7.50
Join us for For Love Of Film: Potpourri. Based on the book club model, the assigned movies will be discussed using prepared questions at the beginning of each class. The next film will be introduced at the end of the hour followed by a film short. I will be selecting well reviewed movies that are free to Amazon Prime members. You will need to provide your own popcorn and brownies for the class. See you at the movies!

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