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To Register for Classes by Mail:

We prefer that you register and pay online using the links the course listings. However, this form is provided for those who want to register and pay by mail.

  1. Use the form below.
  2. Check the classes you want to take in the Take column.
  3. Insert the applicable fee in the Owed column.
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  5. Make a check out to Senior Learners, Inc.; Mail it and this form to:

Senior Learners, Inc.
3001 S.W. College Road, PMB No. 210
Ocala FL 34474-4415

All online-based classes are held in Zoom Meetings. After you register for them you will receive and email with the Zoom Meeting ID. The Zoom Meeting ID is at the bottom of the registration and reminder emails.
When it becomes available, classroom-based classes will be held in room 107 in Building 20 (University Center) of the College of Central Florida.

IMPORTANT Please do not contact CF personnel about any Senior Learners, Inc. courses. Senior Learners, Inc. is independent of CF. We have the use of a classroom and support the CF Foundation with donations. If you have any questions about our courses or operations, please contact us:, (352) 239–8780.

NOTE: The views of our instructors and students are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of Senior Learners, Inc. This position is also true for videos, handouts, and other instructional materials used in our courses, and for events that we may sponsor in conjunction with other non-profit organizations.

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Questions? Call (352) 239-8780 or for more information go to:

Senior Learners, Inc., Registration Form 2020-Fall Term

Course Starts Hrs Take Fee Owed
Saint Augustine and the Nights of Lights Festival Online 1:30 PM Mon, 12/14/20 1 $2.50
An Introduction to Infectious Diseases II Online 10:30 AM Mon, 11/16/20 5 $12.50
Dealing with Stress & Anxiety During COVID Online 9:00 AM Tue, 12/15/20 2 $5.00
Eurasian Steppe Nomads - The Mongols Online 1:30 PM Wed, 12/2/20 4.5 $11.25
Experiencing Hubble: Exploring the Milky Way Online 1:30 PM Fri, 11/20/20 4.5 $11.25
For Love of Film: Potpourri Online 1:00 PM Mon, 11/9/20 4 $10.00
Greece & the Balkans - Birth of West and Battleground of East Online 10:30 AM Thu, 10/29/20 4 $10.00
Language and the Mind Online 10:00 AM Fri, 11/6/20 7.5 $18.75
Leonardo da Vinci and the Italian High Renaissance II Online 10:30 AM Tue, 11/17/20 4.5 $11.25
Mac 103: Organization and Productivity Online 10:00 AM Tue, 11/10/20 1.5 $3.75
Mac 104: Maintenance and More Online 10:00 AM Tue, 12/8/20 1.5 $3.75
Science Surprises Online 10:00 AM Tue, 10/27/20 1 $2.50
Tech Topics Online 10:00 AM Tue, 11/3/20 1.5 $3.75
The American Journey: Pioneering American Artists and Musicians Online 1:30 PM Fri, 10/30/20 6 $15.00
The Craft of Drawing Color and Light Online 1:00 PM Thu, 10/29/20 8 $20.00
The Holidays Are Here Online 10:30 AM Wed, 11/18/20 6 $15.00
Understanding the Best Countries of the World Online 10:30 AM Thu, 12/3/20 3 $7.50
Winston Churchill Second Prime Ministership Online 1:30 PM Tue, 11/24/20 4 $10.00
Winston Churchill World War II Online 1:30 PM Tue, 10/27/20 4 $10.00
Total                    $