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For the past six years, Senior Learners, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization run by volunteers, has provided educational opportunities to seniors 50 years old or more. Before the current pandemic, we offered our noncredit, college-level courses in a classroom at the Ocala Campus of the College of Central Florida. Until the pandemic is tamed, we have shifted to online courses covering a broad range of academic interests, including Health, Science & Technology, The Arts, History, and Languages. Our outstanding instructors come from a wide range of backgrounds and include current and retired artists, musicians, teachers, professors, doctors, engineers, and scientists. Learn about our instructors.

Online Classes for 2020

More courses are being added to the list, so bookmark our updates page and check back frequently.

To participate in online classes, you must register – click on the name of the class in the list below to get a description and sign up. Details for connecting to the online class will be in your registration confirmation email so be sure to register early. If you have any questions, or do not get the link to join your Zoom class, send an email to or call (352) 239–8780. If you prefer to pay by check, send your check, payable to Senior Learners, to Senior Learners, Inc., 3001 SW College Rd, PMB No. 210, Ocala FL 34474-4415.

Title Starts On Weeks At Hours Fee Instructor
Tech Topics Tue8/11210:001 $5.00Davis
France: In Search of Claude Monet Wed8/1211:301 $2.50Kelly
Understanding Dementia Care Wed8/1912:002 $5.00 LeBlanc
For Love of Film: Potpourri Fri8/2111:001 $2.50Smith
Introduction to Buddhism Tue8/25110:002 $5.00Hunt
Paris: In Search of Mary Cassatt Wed8/2611:301 $2.50Kelly
Your Deceptive Mind IV Mon8/31510:001 $12.50Putzeys
How to View and Appreciate Great Movies II Mon8/3141:301.5 $15.00Sullivan
Winston Churchill Early Career Through WWI Tue9/141:301 $10.00Hautanen
Fall Term Kickoff and Senior Learners, Inc. Annual Meeting Tue9/1110:001 FREEPealer
Eurasian Steppe Nomads: The First Indo-European Speakers Wed9/241:301.5 $15.00Holloran
Tour the History, Art, and Culture of Washington, D.C Wed9/2410:002 $20.00Crawford
The Craft of Drawing - Functions of Design and Layout Thu9/341:002 $20.00Thomas
Science Biographies - Maria Merian Thu9/3110:001.5 $3.75Pealer
Introductory Spanish Fri9/481:002 $40.00Nelson
The Search for the Causes of Dark Matter and Energy Fri9/4410:301.5 $15.00Holloran
Mac 101: The Essentials Tue9/8110:001.5 $3.75Davis
What You Should Know About Stem Cells Thu9/10110:301 $2.50Kelly
Science Surprises Tue9/15110:001 $2.50Pealer
FREE Institute for Human Machine Cognition Update Thu9/17110:001 FREEZink
Leonardo da Vinci and the Italian High Renaissance I Tue9/22310:301.5 $11.25Pealer
Winston Churchill Between The World Wars Tue9/2941:301 $10.00Hautanen
Watercolor Still Life Wed9/30610:002 $30.00Craggs
European Steppe Nomads - The Huns Wed9/3031:301.5 $11.25Holloran
Special Abilities and Limitations: Prodigies and Autism Thu10/1410:001.5 $15.00Stephens
The Craft of Drawing and Color Theory Thu10/141:002 $20.00Thomas
Language Families of Asia Fri10/2510:301.5 $18.75Holloran
How to View and Appreciate Great Movies III Mon10/541:301.5 $15.00Sullivan
Mac 102: Tips and Tricks Tue10/13110:001.5 $3.75Davis
In Search of Pablo Picasso Tue10/20110:301 $2.50Kelly
Eurasian Steppe Nomads - The Turkish Speakers Wed10/2141:301.5 $15.00Holloran
In Search of El Greco Tue10/27110:301 $2.50Kelly
Greece & the Balkans - Birth of West and Battleground of East Thu10/29410:301 $10.00Coffey
The Craft of Drawing Color and Light Thu10/2941:002 $20.00Thomas
The American Journey: Pioneering American Artists and Musicians Fri10/3031:302 $15.00Satterfield
Tech Topics Mon11/211:001.5 $3.75Davis
In Search of Andy Warhol Tue11/3110:301 $2.50Kelly
Language and the Mind Fri11/6510:001.5 $18.75Holloran
For Love of Film: Potpourri Mon11/941:001 $10.00Smith
Mac 103: Organization and Productivity Tue11/10110:001.5 $3.75Davis
Leonardo da Vinci and the Italian High Renaissance II Tue11/17310:301.5 $11.25Pealer